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TCB stands for "Taking Care of Business", and that mantra permeates everything we do.


Specializing in compression and everything related to compressor operations, our team of subject matter experts draw on their years of deep discipline specific experience to support Oil & Gas operator's goals of producing the most BOE's for the lowest cost.

We provide expertise at every step, upstream and midstream, from the bottom of the well to the gas plant.


Whether it's well productivity and nodal analysis, downhole gas lift design, contract compressor operating, lease operating, compressor maintenance & repair, construction, project engineering, equipment inspection, preventative and corrective maintenance, fleet management, vendor review and management, RFQ's, we do it all.


We recognize that not every Oil & Gas operator has all the in-house support they need. Our team is here for you to draw on their track record and expertise.

Let us help you Take Care of Business.




Professional Services

Gas lift design, nodal analysis and well productivity, project engineering, project management, construction management, and equipment inspection.

Contract Services

Contract compressor operating and lease operating, equipment PM's and walkthroughs, preventative and corrective maintenance, fleet management, vendor reviews, RFQ's, supervision, and best practices. 

Health, Safety & Environmental

TCB helps companies meet requirements for OSHA, DOT, and the EPA, drafts HS&E manuals, inspection forms, incident management, and training.


High Pressure Gas Lift

TCB Energy is a proud partner of Xstream Lift, an artificial lift company specializing in the manufacturing and leasing of mobile booster compressors for High Pressure Gas Lift.



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