Health, Safety & Environmental


Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) are words known across most industries. The words relate directly to:

  • Providing training to employees from day one and throughout their career

  • Identifying hazards and working to eliminate or control them to help ensure a safe workplace 

  • Preventing injuries, incidents, and protecting the environment 

  • Being compliant with regulations, industry best practices, and customer requirements

  • Building a culture where employee safety comes before all else

  • Reducing HS&E costs of an organization – injury related, regulatory, general expenses

    • In 2019 the cost per medically consulted injury was $42,000, while the cost per death was $1,220,000. These figures include estimates of wage losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses, and employer costs, but exclude property damage costs except to motor vehicles (National Safety Council)

TCB HS&E Services is your total solutions provider for Health, Safety and Environmental management. We provide a wide array of HS&E services to fit any customer’s needs, from small business to a large corporation, from a single job to ongoing full-time support, from an hourly rate to a contracted amount; we strive to be your partner and provide HS&E support for your company. 

A few of the HS&E services we offer include;

  • Document construction and revision (HS&E manuals, inspection forms, etc.)

  • Meeting the requirements for OSHA, DOT, EPA, etc. 

  • Facility and field assessments and testing

  • Incident management – case management, data collection, investigations, recordkeeping

  • Training, onboarding, safety meetings, and ongoing employee communications

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) procurement

  • Hazardous Communication inventory and ongoing management (SDS)

  • Contractor management – audits and/or system management (ISNetworld, Veriforce, etc.)

  • Equipment inspections – fire extinguishers, cranes, fall protection, etc. 

  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and Management of Change (MOC)

  • Waste management assessments and coordination of services

  • Record retention, tracking, trending, and data reporting to management

TCB Energy Services has a culture of ONE… Observe, Notify and Eliminate. This means all personnel work as ONE to identify hazards, ensure all parties are notified, and eliminate those hazards. When you partner with TCB Energy Services, the ONE Culture is communicated and shared, because we’re all people and as ONE can always accomplish the job safely. 

Contact TCB HS&E Services for additional information and for a quote of HS&E services that meet your needs. We’d love to help assess your needs and be your partner for any health, safety and environmental activities you require.