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Total Environmental Solutions

Emissions Testing

Lead by a former compliance testing regulator, qualified source testing individual and a licensed chemical engineer, TCB Total Environmental Solutions provides a full complement of third-party emissions testing services.  Coupled with experienced oil and gas field operators and mechanics, TCB brings a team trained to work safely, assess mechanical issues and provide recommendations to lower your carbon footprint.  Services offered include the following third-party services:

  • Natural Gas RICE NSPS JJJJ Compliance Testing

  • Natural Gas RICE NESHAP ZZZZ Compliance Testing

  • New Mexico and Texas Compliance Testing

  • Engine and Compressor Greenhouse Gas Emissions Certifications


Contact TCB Total Environmental Services for additional information and for a quote of emissions testing services that meet your needs. 


Environmental Consulting

TCB’s environmental consulting is a natural fit to the companies leading GHG reductions solutions and next level emissions testing services. Not for reasons that are typically considered bolt on services but because the challenge ahead requires innovation that comes from lessons learned and cross pollination of resources and knowhow. TCB has invested in the best in the environmental field and is building a team of seasoned multi-media environmental professionals that have assisted many refineries, chemical plants, oil and gas upstream/midstream facilities, pulp and paper mills and other industries with securing environmental air and water permits and preparing/reporting emission inventories. Services offered include:

  • Title V, PSD and NNSR air permitting

  • Small Source and Synthetic Minor Air Permitting

  • Streamlined Air Permitting, such as General Air Permits, Non-rule Standard Permits, Permit-By-Rule Registrations

  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

  • NMED and TCEQ emission inventories

  • EPA GHG Reporting Program (GHGRP) Reporting

  • EMNRD / OCD Methane Waste Rule Reporting


TCB is focused on helping clients weed through the thicket of regulatory requirements to meet their goals.  With the growing focus on GHG emissions reduction initiatives and ESG reporting, we understand the importance of strong environmental permitting and compliance management systems and want to partner with you to, in TCB true form, get things done and do them right. 

Contact TCB Total Environmental Services for additional information and for a quote on environmental consulting services.   

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