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Engineering Services

Compression Engineering

Equipment sizing and facility design is the foundation for reliable operations and long term flexibility to accommodate future demands.  We can be your subject matter experts to allow you focus on easy and confident final decision-making.

  • Compression expertise in sizing, specification development, sourcing, and operational efficiency

  • Production equipment sizing, sourcing, and operation

  • Documentation of current equipment and process flows

  • Field troubleshooting

Project Management

Multifaceted projects can yield outstanding results as long as the integration of all moving parts happens seamlessly. By consolidating the project management function we can guide your resources more effectively, focusing on your priorities and saving you time and money.

  • Asset management and maintenance

  • Optimization of processes

  • Diagnosis of performance issues

Construction Management

The demand for new infrastructure is growing at an accelerated pace with the ever increasing need for energy solutions. Our construction managers will ensure your projects are completed on schedule while exceeding your expectations around safety, quality, and cost efficiency.

  • Equipment installation

  • Engineering and design

  • Management of resources and procurement

Equipment Inspections

Equipment design and reliability are key components for guaranteeing production uptime. Our team of experts in manufacturing and operations can help you identify issues before they become bigger problems by validating mechanical soundness and optimal design.

  • Quality Control (QC)

  • Design validation and improvements

  • Solutions via modification of existing equipment or new equipment installation

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